Vacation is Over!

Ahhhh….VACATION!!! Where did you go??? Summer always goes by way too fast. I can’t believe Landon starts Kindergarten on Monday and Logan is turning two in a week! AHHH! I’ll admit, I’m glad to get back into the September routine.  I tend to deal with life better when it’s neat and orderly.

Lets get a little update on my health…BLAH!!! Don’t get me wrong I’ve been feeling good Crohn’s wise but I’m just feeling overall BLAH. Let me break it down into symptoms…EXTREMLY tired, restlessness, craving sugars/carbs, moody. I guess that is entirely my fault as I have taken a vacation from eating healthy. I did try the Whole30 Program in the beginning of the summer, July I tried to eat Paleo, and August I tried another Whole30. How did I do? Not good!!! On that note…my eating habits need to change. How?? Good question. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and researching and I defiantly feel that eating Paleo is the way to go.

What is Paleo you ask? A Paleo lifestyle is a whole food way of eating, getting rid of processed and refined foods (this includes grains, legumes, and processed sugar.) from your diet. I recently purchased this WONDERFUL book Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo. It is filled with a plethora of knowledge and great insight.  It also has 30-Day Meal Plans designed to support all different types of illnesses. SUPER AWESOME, especially the meal plans for Autoimmune Diseases (eh hem Crohn’s Disease to name ONE)! I love following along and not have to think about what I should eat.  The book is also full of delicious recipes. I guess reading the book is the easy part…the not so easy part…actually staying strict!! I need to figure out a way to not “cheat.” Not an easy task since my husband is not on the same “health” page as I am. I do know that I am absolutely determined and am hoping the support from my blog will get me on track.  Oh…I also have a trip to the Bahamas planned with Benjamin (my husband). Gotta feel good for that!!

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