Trip to the Emergency Room

Well its been almost two weeks since my last post and I have a lot to report. This past Wednesday I ended up going to the ER due to having EXTREME stomach pain. I mean the worst pain I have ever experienced. The pain started Tuesday night after dinner (which was a Whole30 legal meal) and continued alllllllll night long. I finally came downstairs Wednesday morning at 5am and started throwing up because the stomachaches were extremely painful. After throwing up, the second time in ten minutes, my husband said I needed to go to the hospital. I’m glad he pushed me to go. I HATE to admit that I’m sick and really dislike complaining about my aliments. I only had to wait twenty minutes in the ER and they brought me to a room. They ended up doing lab work (which was all normal) and gave me pain medicine and sent me on my merry way. I’m glad the visit was short and sweet but the medical industry never ceases to surprise me. They ran no tests and basically speculated that I was having a Crohn’s Disease flare. I guess in the end its fine because I’ll be seeing my holistic doctor on Tuesday. She always has some interesting insight. I’m praying she’ll have some answers. I’m completely boggled with my body at this point in time. I’ve always known my body, the difference between period cramps, Crohn’s Disease, and flu. Now, I have no idea. Currently, I’m still having pain after I eat but its not bad. I haven’t had to take pain medicine since Wednesday night. I HATE taking medicine. I don’t like being controlled by another substance. I like the feeling of being in control and being free minded!

Sooooooo….this past month I’ve been on the Whole30 program but two weeks ago my husband and I went on a business trip. There were days I did really well staying on the Whole30 but there were times that I did “cheat”. Its hard eating out for EVERY meal and making sure its Whole30 legal. And then this past week, I ended up in the ER. I’ve been trying to eat soup and bland foods. Honestly, I’ve been staying away from vegetables since my ER trip. I’m nervous to start eating vegetables again…I know I shouldn’t be but I am. I’m going to start another Whole30 on Monday. Sounds stupid but I’m going to try hard to stick with it…NO MATTER WHAT! I felt the best I ever felt on the Whole30 (except the day I went to the ER). I kicked ALL cravings, regained energy, and slept like a baby. We’ll see how the next Whole30 challenge goes.

Well that has been my two weeks in a nut shell…or a simple blog post. I’ll be posting my meals for the next thirty days and my results. Fingers crossed I start to feel better soon!!


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