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Yikes. It has been a while since I last posted. Slacking at its best right here!!! Ah well…lets just give a little update on my health. Crohn’s is doing great!!! I have absolutely no complaints in that department. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this good intestine wise. Three cheers for me!!! Not an easy task to defeat. Crohn’s is a tough evil to beat and I finally feel I’m the one in charge. Take control of your intestines. Eat Real Food! For the past couple of months I have been eating a Paleo diet and tried achieving another whole30 (Potatoes…rice…how I missed you). I’ll admit defeat in both eating “lifestyles.” I’m not sure it’s the “best” eating habit for “me.” I feel like I was going crazy eating that way and I’m not sure if it helped me in any physical (and defiantly not mentaly) way. I defiantly think that eating Paleo is great for some but not for my body. Every body is different and ya need to find out what works best for Y….O….U. Bah…I’m getting so done with eating all together. It’s all I ever think about. What foods will make me feel good, what foods will make me sick, what foods can I eat, what foods can‘t I eat. I seriously believe that Crohn’s or other intestinal issues can develop an eating disorder.  Super annoying but I’m on the page of not letting it control my life. I’m really just trying to eat whole and healthy foods. I still stay away from dairy, gluten, processed foods, and processed sugars. But to be totally honest…I have introduced some gluten products (bread…oh glorious gluten filled bread) and dairy and have had no issues. I will be very cautious with this, as they have been foods to cause mayhem on my intestines. Fingers crossed that not having to think about every meal so carefully will relieve some stress and I can start focusing on other things.

I have been really trying to get out of the kitchen and spend some precious time with my kiddies.  Landon (my oldest) just started karate and is loving every minute of it. He is doing so good. Normally something like this, would have made him scared and shy. His first class he walked right in, made new friends, and copied all the moves. I’m one proud Mamma! 

Well this is just a small update as I’m still preparing my next post. You know how Oprah had her favorite things show…well I’m writing up a post about the products and some resources that I highly recommend. I hope to have that post done in the next week or so. Until then…stay healthy and eat clean!

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  1. Love it!!! So happy that your Crohn’s is better…. we’re livin’ the dream! Now if we could only fix our relationship with food 😉 Can’t wait till your Oprah style post… great idea!

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