Little Update and Weight Loss Challenge

Is February almost over? Time goes by fast when you’re having fun…or chasing around a crazy three-year-old boy. Man, what a month! The ENTIRE family just got over having the flu. I can’t think of anything worse than cleaning up vomit. Yes, both the boys got sick all over their beds. Totally not fun. I’m happy to say, after four days of dealing with the pukes…the family is fully recovered. I’m also glad that the flu didn’t throw my Crohn’s down a deadly spiral. I was super nervous but I seem to be in the clear now.

So obviously it’s a new year and I totally jumped on the bandwagon of trying to loose weight. I have/had about forty pounds to loose to be at a healthy weight. My goal is to exercise at least three times per week and really try to exceed that. As far as eating goes, I’m just really trying to eat clean and healthy. I HATE diets and really think they mess with my brain. Its tough to find the perfect balance but I’m trying to find it. Well with the help of the flu, I’m down ten pounds since January 2. My workouts are getting better and I totally feel my body getting stronger. I also have achieved my goal for the month of January and February of working out at least three times per week. I’d say its been a pretty successful couple of months…aside from the flu. Here are some before and after pictures to keep me accountable. Before and After Body-resize

The top two pictures were taken in November 2013 and the bottom two were taken February 2014. Hoping to keep up the good work, as I’m starting to notice a change in my body.

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