It’s Remicade Time

After 10 years of being Remicade free, I’m back! Yesterday, I got my first infusion to be accompanied by many more. I’ll admit, I was nervous to get it as I wasn’t sure of the reactions. The infusion went well. No reactions…yet!  I’ll see how I feel over the next few days. When I was on Remi years ago, I always felt fluish for a few days but I’m hoping this doesn’t happen this time. I did get a splitting headache immediately after the infusion and have felt tired today. But nothing too bad honestly. Hoping this is the norm moving forward.

I do want to address a past blog post, How I Weaned Myself Off of Remicade. To this day, its my highest commented post. I know a lot of people are searching for ways to get off this drug. I was able to accomplish that years ago and share my story. I’m going be honest here, I feel extremely guilty to be back on it. I feel like a failure. I’m torn, as part of me doesn’t want to be a slave to drugs and the side effects. But the other part of me wants relief and to feel well. I want to be “normal” and be out and about doing fun activities with my family. I HATE being tied down to a bathroom and living in fear because of my symptoms. The prednisone, luckily, has helped the past month with these fears.

I still whole heartily believe in biological medicine and that the body can heal itself. I’m taking my supplements and I’m still eating healthy. I’m staying away from gluten, dairy, and my entire list of food allergies. I’m also still very cautious when it comes to eating raw fruits and veggies too. I’m trying to rest and stay stress free. Hopefully, my gut will appreciate this and will get happy again. Fingers crossed!



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