Gluten Free Disney

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Gluten Free CupcakeVacations are always difficult to take when a family has a lot of stomach issues and intolerances to food (eh hem…my family). Eating out is not always the best option and usually a chore. Well not when going to Disney! They have gluten free options everywhere you turn. I was so happy to be in a place that had food me and my two boys could enjoy and feel “normal.” Disney went far and beyond making sure we were happy with our selections and took their time to explain their gluten free menus. My two boys Gluten Free Mickey Wafflewere beyond excited to finally eat dinner rolls and have cupcakes with Mickey sprinkles on them. Best of all…they didn’t make us sick! I would choose to vacation at Disney World again. They made it so easy and I totally didn’t have to pack one gluten free snack. They had plenty of gluten free options to choose from.

Gluten Free Turkey SandwichNow I know eating gluten free isn’t always the healthiest option, as most gluten free food is loaded with sugar and other additives. But that’s what vacations are for…to splurge and we at least did it in a way to not make us feel sick.

We were all sad to head home but we are already planning our next trip. I can’t wait!!!

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