Blog Woes and Admitted to the Hospital

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been seriously considering stopping my blog. I’m having a hard time finding time to write and post content. I have a CRAZY two and half year old that keeps me busy and stressed to the max and the blog adds to the ever-growing “To Do List.” Well I received a wonderful Facebook message from a friend I use to go to school with and shared with me how the blog was an encouragement to her. WOW! I’ve never had such great feedback from my blog and it was just what I needed to hear to keep on going.  Thank you friend for the encouraging words!!!

Wow! It has been a crazy couple of months. I’m glad June is just around the corner. I’m totally looking forward to the summer and my big vacation to Disney with the family!!!

NG Hospital Pic smallSo lets get a little update on my health. I am currently feeling great and back to my normal self. I did have a little scare the beginning of April. It all started Friday night April 5th, I had eaten a small supper and put the boys to bed. I was relaxing on the couch when I started to get stomach pains. It was the same pain I have had in the past where ER Doctors had thought it was my gallbladder. I was able to take some pain medicine, I had left over from my last episode (which was June last year) and was able to make it through the night. Saturday afternoon rolled around and I could barley talk the pain was so bad. I then started to vomit for the next two hours. HORRIBLE. I finally told my husband to take me to the emergency room in Leominster. Well, don’t ever go there on a Saturday afternoon. I waited two hours and there were still 8 people in front of me. I could not wait any longer. I needed relief ASAP so I had my husband drive me to another ER in the area. I waited 5 minutes and was seen right away. It took the nurses four tries to get an IV in me because I was so dehydrated. Once they got the IV in, I was able to get the glorious MORPHINE! That stuff is magic. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly dislike drugs but man oh man after being in pain for almost 24 hours, that morphine was my night in shinning armor. Once I was high on morphine, the ER doctor ordered a CT Scan. The test showed that I had a bowel obstruction…aka my intestines were blocked. Shoot! How do they fix that? Well they had to pump my stomach. In one of my previous posts, I talked about how I learned to put an NG tube down my nose…well that knowledge has been useful once again. I was able to put down my own tube to pump all the nasty crap out of me.  It took about two days to fully get my stomach free and clear of the backed up gunk. YUCK!  Glad that did the trick and I was able to go home Tuesday afternoon. I was sent home on clear liquid diet and to advance my diet as tolerated. I was able to see my nurse practitioner that practices alternative medicine and she put me on some olive leaf to help with healing/infection. She also put me on a couple other supplements to make my gut/cells happy campers. I had my follow up appointment today and was able to come off some of the supplements. I do feel a lot better. The pain is completely gone and I feel that I’m gaining back my energy. I totally give credit to the supplements that she put me on.  Three cheers for not needing medicine!!

Well that’s my update for now. I’m going to try and practice more discipline and post more often.

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  1. It’s a good thing you got to go to the other hospital. Rough when you had to wait 2 hours for nothing. Not so good!

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