A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m trying to be a good blogger and get more information out in the cyber world. I am amazed of the traffic I’m getting to my blog from people googling “weaning off of Remicade.” I guess there is a lot of people out there looking for alternative relief from the drug world. It actually makes me sad. I hate to hear about people suffering from illnesses. Well I’d thought I’d share some of my favorite things that helps make my kitchen a healthy cooking envirenment!


My Favorite Things

Kalon Farm

Last year, I was able to find a local grass fed farm to purchase all our beef and pork from. They also sell lamb but to be honest I haven’t tried it. My Dad did and said it was delicious. I have tried a good portion of their cuts (beef and pork) and let me tell you they are all fantastic! My favorite is their bacon. Pure, salty, crunchy, goodness in my mouth! To be honest, I haven’t had a bad cut of meat. Its all fantastic! All their meat contains NO antibiotics or growth hormones which is really important to me.

Kalon Farm

Tropical Traditions

I have been ordering their coconut oil and coconut flour for around a year now and love them. Their coconut flour is great for cooking lots of delicious, nutrient dense, goodies. The coconut oil I seriously use for EVERYTHING. I make a body butter, lip balm, and use it in lots of cooking recipes.

Kitchen Aid

I got my Kitchen Aid for a wedding gift from my Grandma (almost seven years ago). It never gets put away and sits on my counter. I’m able to whip up gluten free cakes and cookies in a flash. My Mom recently got me the ice cream maker attachment and I’m in love. I’m now able to make dairy and refined sugar free ice cream for my family.

Pumpkin Frozen Custard small v2

Mason Jars

I LOVE these jars. I’ve become obsessed with glass jars. My mother in law gave me a whole box of them and I find myself wanting…no needing more. I store broth, leftovers, and all sorts of goodies in these jars. I love them and it’s comforting to know that nasty chemicals from plastic are not seeping into my food. Got glass?

Crock Pot

My mom got me a nice big crock-pot for Christmas this year. I LOVE IT! I use it to make bone broth, slow cooked pork/beef, and stews.

Ninja Blender

This is literally out on my counter everyday. I’ve totally been on a smoothie kick the past month and I’m really glad I’ve had a powerful blender. I HATE having chunks of ice in my drinks.

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